Mission's Kitchen

Mission's Kitchen is a student-led social enterprise project working together with Glasgow based homeless shelter the Lodging House Mission to produce and sell soups.

Mission's Kitchen Logo

We involve our homeless beneficiaries at every stage of marketing, production and sales in an effort to increase their skillset and their confidence. Money made from the sale of the soup is then used to fund classes the beneficiaries would like.

Currently, these include music and baking classes. In addition to these classes, we will also shortly be offering services to to the Lodging House Mission in general to assist in running basic IT classes and to assist with form filling and telephone calls regarding benefits. This expansion will result in our project impacting the lives of our core beneficiary group as well as the general service users of the Lodging House Mission.

We make use of compostable cups/lids/spoons to ensure we minimise waste and have also partnered with Tesco Fareshare to use their food waste which would have otherwise been destined for landfill.

Mission's Kitchen Collage

Additionally, the Lodging House Mission has a large food store of donated food waste which we can use, with any soup not sold beign used by the Lodging House Mission in their daily meal service. All these measures ensure Mission's Kitchen is a zero-waste venture.

Currently, we sell soup every second Wednesday on GCU campus. Sales offically started on 17th September during freshers' week and to date our project has made total revenue of £265. We will shortly be expanding soup sales to weekly. One week we will sell on campus, and the next we will sell to local cafè Wrap n Roll.

Members selling soup on Campus

This will increase our revenue further. In addition to this revenue, since April 2018 we have won a total of £I,300.00 in funding applications and ITC grants which will be used to further impact e lives of our beneficiaries.

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