From WRAP to Jump:Start...

As one of our main aims to impact our community, WRAP attempts to fight youth inequality in Schools by providing opportunities that will prevent students from continuing in the cycle of poverty.

We want to raise the number of students that move into higher education by improving their confidence and skills through an array of workshops and hands-on activities.

Our project is currently undergoing some maintenance. We are rebranding! What you have known as WRAP will be changing over the course of the coming weeks. Keep a look out on our social accounts and websites to see our new and improved project: Jump:Start.

Jump:Start Logo

During freshers, we welcomed two new Project Leaders: Veronica and Fabian who are keen to take Jump:Start to new levels and empower more of our youth than ever before!


Equality in education is vital for our youth of today to become leaders tomorrow and this is something that we capitalise and champion. Making a difference in the world starts from home!

Better start.... Brighter future

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