Meet the 2018/19 Committee Members

We are very excited to see what opportunities and projects the year ahead will bring, especially with the contribution of all our new members! Keep reading if you want to know who the 2018/19 Committe Members are and why they joined the Enactus Society.

Jenny Styrman


"I joined Enactus because I wanted to help improve the community that I live in. One of my biggest passions is developing others, which has been imperative to my own development. Nothing has been more rewarding than Enactus throughout my time at university."

Dom Smolskas


"I joined Enactus to develop my business skills and make a positive contribution in my local community."

Sanna Walfridsson


"I wanted to make a meaningful difference in my community whilst gaining new business skills and experiences, as well as building a network of necessary contacts to help boost a successful career."

Mari Slattery

HR Executive

"Not only was I wanting to help the local community, I also wanted to develop my skills, boost my confidence and build my CV with real life experience that employers are looking for"

Sigrid Mark Jørgensen

Presentation Team Co-Captain

"I joined Enactus so that I could support my degree with real experience whilst making a change and developing my skill set."

Daniel Fridman

Presentation Team Co-Captain

"I joined Enactus to contribute back to society whilst developing my skills during my time at univeristy."

Eve Parker

Marketing Executive

"I joined Enactus to better my confidence, whilst changing the world one small part at a time. Enactus has developed my skill set and allowed me to meet and work with some amazaing likeminded people."

Klara Petrén

Administrative Executive

"I wanted to make a positive contribution to society and at the same time develop new skills and knoweledge."

Manon Forrester

Finance Executive

"I wanted to do something meaningful, wanted my actions to matter and make an impact while developing my skills and get out of my comfort zone"

Alex Gaus

Commercial Director

"I joined to make an impact in the society, improve my entrepreneurial skills and to achieve something big."

Frederik Borum

Foundraising Leader

"I wanted to positively impact society and develop new skills."

Cristine Kirkpatrick

Mission's Kitchen Project Leader

"Before I joined University, I worked with the homeless but felt I could do nothing to help their situation. When I heard about MK, I wanted to join so I could make a difference for homeless people."

Fabian Falkensteiner

WRAP Project Co-Leader

"I wanted to further develop my skills and work on a project that makes a positive impact."

Veronica Lofgren

WRAP Project Co-Leader

"I joined ENactus to develop leadership skills but also because I want to make an impact in society."

Drew Tipping

Arran Project Leader

"Feeling that I lacked a challenge to tackle, my attention was drawn to Enactus and its various opportunities and projects. I quickly decided that to manage one of the projects would be the challenge I craved."

Hannah McCutcheon

EP Co-Leader

"I decided to join EP as I have a passion working with individuals, especially those with additional needs. I also wanted to develop business and leadership skills, which will bring me out of my comfort zone."

Kasia Nowicka

Innovation Team Leader

"Before Enactus I took part in many social projects and events. Coming to university, I was thrilled to learn of a group of people who like me are very motivated and are actively making a change. Also, the opportunity to take up a leadership role will allow me to further challenge myself and grow."

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