An Interview with our WRAP Project Leader, Manon

We asked one of our Project Leader's of WRAP, Manon, to give us some insight into why she loves volunteering her time to help others as part of Enactus at GCU.

What made you go for the role as Project Leader of WRAP? ​


My interest in the role of Project Leader for WRAP came from encountering the students from the sessions WRAP held when I was still a member and from my personal experience in the school environment I used to be in. WRAP is a project which is seriously needed in some environments. Needed to raise the confidence and aspirations of young people, in another way encouraging them to reach their full potential. That is definitely something I want to be part of.

Why do you think the project is important?


The importance of the project is to simply motivate young people. Many young people, leaving high school feel unprepared and hesitant of themselves and their abilities. Some don’t even know the possibilities and opportunities they are actually allowed to pursue. WRAP’s purpose is to motivate these young people to increase their confidence and make them realize they are just as capable of reaching their full potential as anybody else. That realization can be life-changing for many people and that’s why it is important to have a project like WRAP.

What’s the most rewarding part about having a role in the project?


Personally, the most rewarding part about having any role in such a project is the fact that it truly gives a chance to make a difference in society, to people around, coming in contact with real individuals and feeling that true support is given to them. Understanding that even as university students, we can make a difference.

Has joining Enactus benefited you? If so, in what ways?


Joining Enactus has really benefited me in every aspect. The people I meet are truly inspirational and supportive of each other and all have a “I want to change the world” mindset. I have managed to be part of experiences and do things that only a year ago I would never believe I could do. Putting effort into the team and working for it has pushed me out of my comfort zone and that mindset has stayed in other parts of my life. Seeing in person what Enactus means overall has empowered myself to do my best.

Do you think social enterprise projects are important and if so, why?


I believe social enterprises, and projects are the future of the business world in general. For far too long it has been very focused on making profit for the people inside the business. Business being one of the strongest ways to influence society, it is important to make sure it supports people outside the business too. Helping society, the environment and the world overall.

List three fun things you have done whilst being a part of WRAP.


  1. Going to the Enactus National Competition in London

  2. Going to the Future Leaders Training in Amazon, London

  3. Meetings during the year, getting to know different people and the ice-breaker stories.


You could be like Manon, why don't you come and see what all the fun is about here at Enactus GCU. Take your university journey into your own hands and become a part of something bigger! Start your future here.

Enactus GCU,

A Head for Business, a Heart for the World.

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